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Карданные валы и комплектующие IFA-Kardan (ИФА)

IFA-Kardan GmbH specializes in the development and manufacturing of drive shafts with universal joints. Manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery and special vehicles all across Europe rely on cardan shafts and drive shaft parts made by IFA. Drive shafts and other components for industrial applications produced by IFA-Kardan GmbH play an essential role in the manufacture of machinery where they rotate in paper machines and wood processing equipment, as well as in conveyor belts. 

The shafts are custom-designed and made to the specifications of our clients with the help of our ingenious modular system with different torques. However varied our clients’ requirements may be IFA-Kardan GmbH is up to the challenge. 

IFA-Kardan GmbH has over 35 years of market experience. Originally the “Industrial Cardan Shaft” division of IFA-Maschinenbau GmbH, IFA-Kardan GmbH split off in 2009 to form an independent company.

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